Meet Our Team

Robert Rush

Robert Rush lives in rural North Florida on his farm where he raises blueberries and organic vegetables. His interest in natural products began when he worked as a research entomologist developing alternatives to pesticides. He segued that into reformulating the natural bug repellent brand Beat it, and became a major shareholder in the company.

In 2018, he partnered with natural products veteran Marc Ketchel to form the organic chia foods brand UltraPure Organic Foods. The 100% organic food brand is taking a leadership position with eliminating plastic packaging from the waste stream. The company exemplifies his passion for natural living and the environment.

A children’s book author, father and grandfather, he is a practicing attorney in Gainesville, Florida specializing in civil rights cases.

Marc Ketchel

A veteran natural products entrepreneur, researcher, agriculturalist, and natural products formulator for over 40 years. Marc brings a broad spectrum of life experiences from business, agriculture, travel and personal development.  

He planted his first commercial organic field in 1972 and has been a proponent for organic agriculture since then to the present. In 1988, he was a founding board member of the Florida Organic Growers and Consumers, Inc. a non-profit advocacy for organic farming and consumer products.

 A former monk, he has been practicing meditation intensively since 1972 and teaching internationally for over 40 years. He lives in Gainesville, Florida where he teaches meditation courses serving the local community. He is launching his online teaching presence through where he plans to offer online courses and a weekly podcast to a global community. The site is scheduled to officially launch May 1, 2019.

A serial entrepreneur he is currently the COO for the Pure Organic Foods and Fiber, Inc. company. The company markets its premium organic products under their brand, UltraPure™ Organic Foods. The company is dedicated to creating the highest quality UltraPure™ products, above and beyond organic, in a sustainable way. We have a zero-tolerance policy for GMO’s and pesticides and triple test all of our products to independently verify the purity and quality of each. Through our environmental sustainability focus, we are dedicated to eliminating plastic from our packaging and from the global waste stream.

Marc lives and works from his rural home in Northern Florida. He is a husband to a wonderful wife who shares his passion for yoga and meditation as well as natural living. He raised six children over 30 years and is a brother and friend to a large global community of like-minded conscious humans.