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Our Promise

Glyphosate & Pesticide FREE

We are committed to providing your family with the highest quality and most nutrient dense superfoods that are free from toxins, heavy metals, pesticides and GMO’s.

We require lab testing for pesticides, particularly glyphosate (the most widely used herbicide in the world) and heavy metals (specifically lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury). Few others do this.


No Questions Asked Period!

If for any reason you are not completely happy with our highly nutritious products we will give you a complete refund (less shipping).

We are that confident, that you will love it to the last drop…and be scrambling back for more. You’ll never want to be without it!


Our Values: We aspire to zero plastics in our packaging and our products. We are approximately 95% to our goal of zero.

We are driven by non-violence, compassion for all (humans, plants and animals) and the living earth that sustains life.

Our work is guided by the principles of sustainability and good stewardship of what we have been so graciously given.

We are a triple bottom line company – dedicated to people, planet, and profit, in that order.

We aspire to zero plastics in our packaging and our products. We are approximately 95% to our goal of zero.

Plastics are petroleum-based products. They pollute our lakes, rivers and oceans and kill wildlife while endangering their natural habitat.

Plastics and their derivatives and leachates cause human biological disruption and suffering which manifests as hormone imbalances, compromised immune systems and microbiome causing digestive system diseases and mood imbalances, brain fog and memory loss, and cause many weight management problems.

‘Humans do not thrive in the company of plastics.’


We Use Glass Bottles

All of our nutritional oils are packaged in light blocking bottles, flushed and capped with nitrogen to remove the oxidation by air. After meticulously cold-pressing these nutrient dense seed oils under 110 F in an oxygen free environment, we couldn’t bear to bottle this precious oil in plastic.

We Recycle

All our products are packaged in carefully selected light-protected glass bottles.

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